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  • Breastfeeding Assistance

  • Formula Feeding

  • Milk Handling & Storage

  • Newborn care instruction & demonstration

  • Umbilical cord care

  • Sleep Training

  • Weight checks

  • Bathing care

  • Burping techniques

  • Wrapping techniques

  • Education in distress signs

  • Patient advocate

  • Maternal recovery assistance (hospital & home)

  • Breast care

  • Phone Consultation

Patient advocate: I can be by your side in the hospital from the time your contractions start till delivery. I would be there to ensure you and your baby are getting all appropriate care and service. You will never have to wait for the hospital nurse to have time for you, and your questions will be answered as you think of them, reducing your anxiety during this stressful period.


The postpartum and newborn care can continue up to sixteen weeks in your home. When you arrive home I can help you get settled and give you some much needed TLC. You will be able to rest and sleep easy knowing that the baby is in the care of a baby nurse specialist.


Individual accommodations are made on a case-by-case basis.


In addition to English I am able to offer my services in Hungarian and Spanish.

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