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I delivered my first daughter. My husband and I had the most wonderful delivery experience, all thanks to a Registered Nurse who stayed by our side throughout the eleven hours of labor. This nurse was kind, patient, compassionate, knowledgeable, and genuine.


As I watched her, it suddenly dawned on me that she held the job of my dreams, a nurse who actually got to participate in the world’s most miraculous event: childbirth.


Soon after birth, we had to part with our amazing nurse as we were moved to postpartum where nurses seemed to have been stressed and short on time. The nurses were nice and apologized for not affording us more time due to overwhelming amount of paperwork and more critical patients.


We quickly realized we were on our own and yet we still had a ton of questions and weren’t sure how to care of our little one. Little by little, we got the hang of things, but it sure would have been nice to have a nurse who had the time to be by our side for guidance and reassurance.


One year later I went back to school and completed my LVN license following it immediately with my RN degree. I was determined to be the best mother and baby nurse ever. I am a Registered Nurse and I have gained invaluable experience working in the hospital, specializing in newborn and postpartum care.


Feeling blessed with four wonderful children of our own, my husband and I decided to become a surrogate to help a loving couple have a child of their own.


Four kids and a surrogacy later combined with the critical assessment skills I’ve gained in the hospital, I am now able to take this knowledge to a whole new level giving parent(s) a wonderful baby nurse who can give all the one on one attention needed during this vulnerable and magical period.

Not too many years ago...

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